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CNA Courses Online: Truth or Fiction?

When it comes to getting an education we are all used to the normal method.  Find a school, show up for your classes, pass them, and get recognized. But in today’s world there is another option.  You can take your classes online.

Now, up until recently this wasn’t possible.  It was pure fiction to take a CNA class online.  But as we can see from amazing resources like US CNA Classes Online’s article, it’s easier than ever.  And you don’t need to be worried about scams.

See, in the past nursing jobs and healthcare positions required more training.  You needed to be in person, and attend all of your classes in a classroom.  Then you needed to work in a clinic to get practical experience.  But now, that’s all changed.

Instead of getting your education in a classroom, you can take your theory classes online.  All of your training can be done on a computer, right on the web.  In some cases, it can even be done for free!

Don’t get me wrong.  To be a certified nursing aide, you still need to do SOME in-person work.  You need to go into a clinic and learn how to take care of elderly, sick people. You must to learn to clean diapers, bedpans and hands.  You have to learn to be a caretaker.

But there is a lot of material that is NOT hands-on.  And all of that stuff is really easy to do online.

So even if you are in our humble state of Pennsylvania, you can get trained as a CNA online.  The process is quick and easy.  First, find the resources you need in an online directory.  Then apply for classes and be prepared to pay the fee.

One of the main questions we get is about location.  Can this be done all over Pennsylvania?  Or can it only be done in East Hanover?

The answer is simple: this can be done ANYWHERE in the country.  That includes anywhere in PA, or in any other state you can think of.

You just need to do your due diligence.  You need to find a school that will let you take the training online, easily.  Luckily, in today’s world, that’s not hard at all!

What Do You Do In CNA Courses?

Becoming a nursing assistant requires that you take CNA classes.  But what exactly goes on in each of these training sessions?  A whole lot, actually!

Most nursing aid training programs include lectures and hands-on training.  Many times there is a requirement for the time in a classroom AND in the clinic.  You will spend time learning from a teacher, and learning by working with patients.

In Pennsylvania, there are a variety of tasks that they will teach you in class.  They are skills that any nurse needs for any healthcare job.  As a certified nursing assistant, you will get specialized training in making patients comfortable.

These classes are different from a lot of other states like Arizona, Michigan and New York.  Particularly because there are fewer requirements in PA.  You don’t need to spend as much time in the classroom in this state.

The only exception to this is if you take your CNA classes online.  Online classes are standardized across the country. You will have to do more in these classes than in others.  They are held to a higher standard. But there are fantastic resources to help with online schooling, like uscnaclassesonline.com.

But even with online classes, you will need to attend in-person training.  So no matter what you will cover the following skills in your classes:

You learn to keep patients clean. 

Keeping patients cleans is a difficult job.  Most nursing aids deal with the elderly, and they are too old to care for themselves.  The main skills include cleaning waste, washing hands, and brushing teeth.

You learn how to feed patients.

Many patients under a CNA’s care won’t be able to feed themselves.  You will need to learn how to safely and properly feed the elderly.  This can be challenging, and is often a skill that takes a while to learn.

You learn the best way to move patients.

Older folks generally can’t move themselves around.  You need to learn how to move your patients around their bedroom.  Around their bathroom.  To and from vehicles, if they are able. It can be physically demanding, as well, because most patients will still be heavy, full grown adults.

In conclusion, you will learn a variety of skills during your training…even if its online CNA training!  Even if its free training!  There is a lot for a nurse’s assistant to learn – but most of the skills are fun and practical.


What’s a normal CNA salary?

In today’s economy, we are all concerned about salary.  We want to make sure that if we take a job, we will be compensated.  This is especially true in jobs like nursing.  Any healthcare or nursing job requires a lot of training.  Therefore, we want to be sure we will be paid enough when we start working!

When it comes to nurse assistants, the salary can be very good.  Certified nursing assistants can make up to $33,000 per year.  The best part about this salary is that it requires very little training.  Compared to other healthcare jobs, becoming a CNA is much less expensive.  Now, its not like it’s free, but the training costs are usually under $1000!

One thing to keep in mind is that your salary will vary by location.  From state to state, the salaries will be very different.  Even from city to city, you will notice that your nurse aid training isn’t worth as much.

Before becoming a CNA in your state, you should check the EXACT salary and training costs.  For example, Connecticut CNA training is relatively affordable, but there are very few jobs available.

In another example, NYC has many nursing assistant jobs.  But there is a very high cost of living in NYC, and the pay does not scale to compensate.

But compare NYC to a city in Michigan and it’s a whole different game. Michigan nursing aids are in high demand, they have free CNA classes online and they are paid well for the area.

But don’t forget, being a CNA is about a lot more than money.  It’s about caring for people.  It’s about making a difference in the lives of your patients. Its about caring for another family as if it was your own.

If you are driven by money, they need to heavily weigh the training costs against the salary.  If you are not driven by money, then you need not worry.  You just need to know that wherever you work, you will be helping people.  And so long as you are helping people, you will be making a difference.

And that’s what nursing is all about!